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Welcome to the Hertfordshire Food Producers website. Find out all about the finest fresh produce made in Hertfordshire, and all the best Farmers Markets to get it from. Sales in the organic food market have risen considerably since the organic movement started in the 1960s. The last decade has seen a surge in growth, with global sales of organic produce amounting to almost 50 billion US dollars. Certification is key to the sale of organic produce. Certification makes the sale of organic produce possible and also regulates it. There are many food products available that claim to be wholesome or natural, so prevents false representation and promotes true organic produce. The market for organic produce keeps growing and is increasingly mainstream, so third party certification is increasingly important for consumers. In the US, EU and Japan, the three biggest organic produce markets, commercial use of the phrase 'organic' is restricted by law and can be used by certified producers only.

There are hundreds of certifying bodies that administer a variety of certifications and standards which often vary in their value. There are also a variety of smaller non-organic standards which can signify the natural and wholesome qualities of food produce that tend to awarded to smaller organic farmers who are unable to qualify for organic certification due of size or other issues. Examples of such standards bodies are the Wholesome Food Association in the UK, and the US Certified Vegan and Certified Naturally Grown. If you are interested in Hertfordshire Food Producers, feel free to contact us.

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This website has nothing to do with the old Grown in Herts website.

For more information regarding Grown in Herts please contact them directly on enquiry@growninherts.org.uk.

We have lots of BEEF and PORK and our CHICKEN and DUCK are plentiful too. Much has been said about free range poultry and we are pleased to say ours has been praised by top chefs. But don't take our word for it as the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

We also produce the freshest carrots, tomatoes, peppers and other fresh produce. These are delivered to the stores while they are ripe and fresh to provide the sweetest taste and the highest quality.